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The Best Antivirus Softwares to purchase

The Best Free and Paid Antivirus Softwares:


Track your children's activity online with the help of this user friendly Qustodio App. Games, Apps blocking, web filtering, location monitoring, setting daily limits are the key features of this Qustodio parental control tool. It offers a 30 day money back guarantee to the customers. Keep a bird eye view on your children's activity on the web by subscribing to any of the Qustodio pricing plans. Qustodio for Schools, Qustodio for Families and Qustodio for Business are worth the money.

This Qustodio Parental Control and Digital Wellbeing Software is designed to be compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle devices etc. Compared to third party parental control solutions the Qustodio is cost effective, allows safe search and tracks your kids. Visit the Qustodio official website and know the product tips, parenting tips, safety guides and family stores etc. As a Qustodio Premium subscriber you can pause the internet, monitor the calls, messages, set time for gaming apps usage for your unlimited devices.


The Norton's antivirus and anti-malware software for your android mobiles, Mac, PC and other OS. Although there are many internet security tools that protect your data from misuse Norton Antivirus Software is the best choice. Be protected from the malwares like ransomware, spyware and cryptohackers on installing the Norton antivirus and cybersecurity solution in your digital gadgets. It has become quite common for online threats and data leak from websites. But with this Norton software you can safeguard your devices, gaming accounts and any other digital assets info safely.

Norton products are easy to download and make use of. For one year and two years you can purchase any of the Norton pricing plans provided on the site. Norton offers a 14 day trial period on the customers shopped Norton products. Apart from Virus protection, Norton also provides web protection, cloud backup, anti-phishing protection, webcam protection, identity theft protections and many more.


Kaspersky is a top notch antivirus provider in the digital world. For Windows, Macos, Android and iOS get this Kaspersky Cyber Security Solutions for Home and Business. Kaspersky is offering a 30 day credit back guarantee on its products. Upgrade your Kaspersky free plan to premium plan to access effective features like restriction of online threats, privacy protection, secured payments, schedule antivirus scans, pause updates and alerts etc. Kaspersky Antivirus tool performs scannings for detecting threats and proffer multilayered malware protection, advanced protection for wi-fi networks and other peripherals.

In one word, Kaspersky is the complete solution for online safety, on demand virus scans and blocking of harmful sites. The installation takes a couple of minutes and all the plans can be subscribed on a yearly basis. Read the articles posted on the Kaspersky blog page to be updated on the latest Cybersecurity news. For your home, small, medium and large business this  Kaspersky software is very helpful to stay safe from cyber attacks.


Avast is the leading company that provides a wide range of security products and services for homes and businesses. Protect your digital devices from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats by installing the free version of Avast antivirus software. This Avast award winning antivirus software is downloaded by more than 435+ million users. Hide your IP, secure Wi-Fi, boost privacy, and access your required content from anywhere with the Avast VPN.

For 1 year, 2 year and 3 years you can purchase the Avast VPN plans. Purchase now to enjoy your favorite paid streaming services from anywhere. Before subscription customers can access the Avast free plan for 30 days. For multiple devices or single devices get this Avast software to safeguard your personal data and be secured from cyber attacks. For business level of security protection and safety the Avast Antivirus tool would be your best choice.


Protect your computer systems and networks from various cyber threats by installing the AVG Free Anti Virus software. It is available for PC's, mobile devices, and Mac. With AVG Webcam Protection and Ransomware Protection features, your camera can not be accessed without permission, and your files stay secure from changes. The AVG Internet Security feature adds extra layers of online safety to the strong free antivirus protection. The AVG Ultimate is an all-in-one package that offers 3 premium services at a discounted price.

It includes AVG Secure VPN, AVG TuneUp and AVG Internet Security. Improve overall speed and performance of your PC with the AVG TuneUp plan. And AVG provides 256-bit AES encryption, allowing you to securely connect to public WIFI networks with confidence. The AVG business security tools provide a great shield for business data, networks, and devices. You will get instant email alerts for threats and remote admin tools to manage online security easily, even when you are on the move.


The Comodo free antivirus software is designed to provide strong protection against a wide range of viruses and malware. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices. The Comodo award-winning antivirus software has efficient whitelisting capabilities, allowing users to mark certain files as trustworthy. It also has additional features such as absolute application control, one-click virus scanning, personalized protection alerts, customizable protection, and more. The cost of Comodo complete antivirus protection is $29.99 per year.

This paid antivirus software has more advanced features compared to the free version such as additional security layers, like firewalls and real-time scanning. Additionally, the Comodo store also offers pricing plans for website protection. If needed the customers can schedule a Comodo demo by submitting the form in the portal. If you have any issues then chat with Comodo customer care at any moment.


Trendmicro is a top cybersecurity company that keeps digital information safe worldwide. This platform protects over 500,000 organizations and 250 million individuals on various devices and networks. It offers a wide range of security software and services for small businesses and large enterprises to protect against multiple online threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. Workload Security, Container Security, File Storage Security, Network Security, Conformity, Cloud Visibility, Endpoint Security are some of the Trendmicro products.

Based on the Trendmicro security product you buy, the price varies. Trendmicro offers a 30-day free trial for all its products, allowing users to try out the security software before making a purchase. Check portal for live demo and blog. If you have any doubts or need more details regarding Trendmicro products or offerings, it is recommended to contact Trendmicro customer support via live chat.


ESET is one of the award winning Antivirus and Internet Security Solutions. It shields over one billion internet users worldwide with its advanced 16-layer defense system, and provides strong protection against online threats. For home, business and enterprise you can purchase the ESET products. Free trial option is also available for buyers on the website. Secure your digital life with ESET Home Security Premium. It helps to keep your online activities safe and also protects your payments, encrypted sensitive data, and manages your passwords.

The ESETs multilayered technology provides robust protection for your endpoints, business data, and users. It offers customizable security solutions that can be simply managed from a cloud-based or on-premises console. Protect Entry, Protect Advanced, Protect Complete and Protect Elite are vivid ESET Small and Mid-size Business plans. ESET is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. During ESET Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale, redeem up to 30% discount on 3 years subscription.


ZoneAlarm brand sells antivirus and firewall products to protect PCs and Mobiles from various online threats. Currently, the ZoneAlarm software is utilized by over 100 million users across the globe. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen, ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware, ZoneAlarm Mobile Security and Small Business Security are the ZoneAlarm products. This softwares provides a strong shield against many cyber attacks, ensuring a safe and reliable digital experience.

You can also try ZoneAlarm free firewall and antivirus softwares to experience the basic features before making a purchase. The ZoneAlarm for Business offers strong and flexible cybersecurity solutions for small businesses, Telcos, government municipalities, and others with limited IT resources. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on the ZoneAlarm pricing plans. On ZoneAlarm Black Friday sale, you will get 70% off on ZoneAlarm plans. Subscribe to ZoneAlarm newsletter page and get notifications about special discounts, tips and promotions.


McAfee offers antivirus, identity, and privacy protection solutions. These products help users to safeguard digital devices, personal information, and online activities from various threats and privacy concerns. McAfee provides AI-powered protection to help users distinguish between scam and safe texts, offering the ability to block risky links even if clicked accidentally. The McAfee Mobile Security feature offers a simple, all-in-one security solution, extending your online protection and privacy.

Its award winning free antivirus software safeguards your computer systems from malicious threats. McAfee+, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Antivirus, McAfee Safe Connect, McAfee PC Optimizer, McAfee TechMaster and McAfee Mobile Security are the various McAfee security products and services. Visit website for more details about the pricing plans. The McAfee friendly and knowledgeable security experts are always ready to provide assistance to users whenever they need. Explore the benefits of McAfee Total Protection with a free trial.

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